Physicochemical Problems of Mineral Processing
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2017 Volume 53 Issue 2 (In press)
2017 Volume 53 Issue 1
2016 Volume 52 Issue 2
2016 Volume 52 Issue 1
2015 Volume 51 Issue 2
2015 Volume 51 Issue 1
2014 Volume 50 Issue 2
2014 Volume 50 Issue 1
2013 Volume 49 Issue 2
Yanfeng Li, Wenda Zhao, Xiahui Gui, Xiaobo Zhang, Flotation kinetics and separation selectivity of coal size fractions
Zelin Zhang, Jianguo Yang, Xiaolan Su, Lihua Ding, Analysis of large particle sizes using a machine vision system
Tomasz P. Olejnik, Selected mineral materials grinding rate and its effect on product granulometric composition
Hussin A. M. Ahmed, Gamal M. A. Mahran, Processing of iron ore fines from Alswaween, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Ashraf Amer, Hydrometallurgical processing of Egyptian bauxite
Alicja Bakalarz, Jan Drzymala, Interrelation of the Fuerstenau upgrading curve parameters with kinetics of separation
Erhan Görmez, Turgay Korkut, Fluka Monte Carlo simulations on neutron interactions with FeCrP and FeTiP
Olof Forsén, Jari Aromaa, Kristian Lillkung, Determination of leaching parameters for the recovery of platinum group metals from secondary materials
Yakup Umucu, Vedat Deniz, Nazmi Unal, An evaluation of a modified product size distribution model based on t-family curves for three different crushers
Murat Canli, Yuksel Abali, Salih Ugur Bayca, Removal of methylene blue by natural and Ca and K-exchanged zeolite treated with hydrogen peroxide
Łukasz Klapiszewski, Magdalena Nowacka, Karolina Szwarc-Rzepka, Teofil Jesionowski, Advanced biocomposites based on silica and lignin precursors
Orhan Ozdemir, Specific ion effect of chloride salts on collectorless flotation of coal
Ahmed Yehia, Mohamed Al-Wakeel, Role of ore mineralogy in selecting beneficiation route for magnesite-dolomite separation
Oktay Sahbaz, Determining optimal conditions for lignite flotation by design of experiments and the Halbich upgrading curve
Mehdi Irannajad, Mohammad Meshkini, Amir Reza Azadmehr, Leaching of zinc from low grade oxide ore using organic acid
Necmettin Erdogan, Erkan Yersel, Cengiz Celebi, Nevzat Kavakli, Turan Batar, Production of high quality magnesium chloride from recycled waste magnesite powder
Davood Moradkhani, Shahla Eskandari, Behzad Sedaghat, Majid Rajaie Najafabadi, A study on heavy metals mobility from zinc plant residues in iran
Haldun Kurama, Cengiz Karaguzel, The effect of zeta-potential on the sedimentation behavior of natural stone processing effluent
Barbara Wionczyk, Kinetic modeling of chromium(III) extraction with Aliquat 336 from alkaline aqueous solutions containing chlorides
Jari Aromaa, Jarno Makinen, Henri Vepsalainen, Tommi Kaartinen, Margareta Wahlstrom, Olof Forsen, Comparison of chemical and biological leaching of sulfide tailings
Gulhan Ozbayoglu, Removal of hazardous air pollutants based on commercial coal preparation plant data
Izabela Polowczyk, Anna Bastrzyk, Tomasz Kozlecki, Zygmunt Sadowski, Calcium carbonate mineralization. Part 1: The effect of poly(ethylene glycol) concentration on the formation of precipitate
Beata Pospiech, Hydrometallurgical recovery of cobalt(II) from acidic chloride solutions by transport through polymer inclusion membranes
Halil Ipek, Haydar Sahan, Effect of heat treatment on breakage rate function of ulexite
Fanfei Min, Qing Zhao, Lingyun Liu, Experimental study on electrokinetic of kaolinite particles in aqueous suspensions
Karolina Szwarc-Rzepka, Tomasz Szatkowski, Filip Ciesielczyk, Teofil Jesionowski, Preparation and characterization of SiO2/silane/poss functional hybrids
Atila Gurhan Celik, Ahmet Mahmut Kilic, Gaye Ozgur Cakal, Expanded perlite aggregate characterization for use as a lightweight construction raw material
Agnieszka Pilarska, Magdalena Nowacka, Krzysztof Pilarski, Dominik Paukszta, Łukasz Klapiszewski, Teofil Jesionowski, Preparation and characterisation of unmodified and poly(ethylene glycol) grafted magnesium hydroxide
Hussin A.M. Ahmed, Mohamed S. Aljuhani, Jan Drzymala, Flotation after a direct contact of flotation reagents with carbonate particles. Part 1. Model investigations
A. Mehdilo, M. Irannajad, M. R. Hojjati-Rad, Characterization and beneficiation of iranian low-grade manganese ore
Yousef Ghasemi, Mohammad Hossein Kianmehr, Amir Hossein Mirzabe, Behnam Abooali, The effect of rotational speed of the drum on physical properties of granulated compost fertilizer
Fardis Nakhaei, Mehdi Irannajad, Prediction of on-line froth depth measurement errors in industrial flotation columns: A promising tool for automatic control
Jan Drzymala, Professor Jerzy Sablik, Ph.D., D.Sc. A tribute on his 80th birthday
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